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PMMA Rnd Wieland 98.5x16mm B1

VIPI - 113891

US$ 26.00

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VIPI - PMMA Thooth Color Disc Wieland #B1

PMMA Thooth Color

# 113891


VIPI BLOCK is used in the milling technique of temporary crowns and bridges by
CAD/CAM sytems of various manufacturers. The recommendations of the
manufacturer of the Software and the machining center hate to be followed.

Shade: B1

Size: 98.5 mm x 16 mm
Package: 1 Round block per box

Typical Mechanical Propoerties of PMMA Blocks:

Modulus of Elasticity:

2,200 MPa

Bending Stregth:

100 MPa

Toughness (Charpy):

10 KJ/ m2 (Izod): 1.3 KJ/m2

Tensile Strength:

75 MPa

Vickers Hardness HV (0,05/10):


Absorption of Water according to ISO 10477:

20 ug/mm3

Water solubility:

0.8 ug/mm3

Residual Monomer Content (24 h at 37 C and 30 min in air): < 0.7 %

< 0.7 %

The VIPI PMMMA BLOCK is Composed of Acrylic resins with OMC ( Organically Modified Ceramics ) naotechnology materials that elabroate the three layered tooth TRILUX Assuring High molecular weight, high mechanical, chemical and abrasion resistance.