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17" Flat Screen Monitor Multi-Media

TPC - 469702

US$ 974.68

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TPC - 17" Flat Screen Monitor Multi-Media w/AIC5855A- 5900- 5920 Wireless Camera Pkg - # AIC2IN1WL
Features: Camera features a 1/4" High Definition image sensor 17" Monitor features a High Definition resolution of 1280 X 1024 Full USB port allows for easy image transfer Camera buttons are easily accessible to control capture and playback functions Camera is illuminated with six bright LEDs; giving the best contrast, definition and resolution Camera features an automatic gain control to automatically adjust the light intensity to the CCD 5.8 GHz wireless transmission protocol Four channel wireless transmitter (AIC5900) and receiver (AIC5920) Input supports: USB, VGA, HDMI and AV. Medial playback format includes: MP3 audio, MP4 video and JPG images Adjustments on monitor include: Contrast, brightness and color Monitor comes equipped with a medical grade tempered glass front panel to minimize scratches Monitor Language supported: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Arabic 4gb memory card (included) allows for easy image transfer and patient file management Optional WIFI transmitter allows images to be diasplayed on stand alone LCD monitor and remote computers simultaneously for easy consultation and image management transfer. Easy integration of LCD monitor with camera on the dental delivery unit due to no additional cabling needed