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Adapter for Sams Galaxy S6 Edg

SMILE LINE - 123813

US$ 53.31

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SMILE LINE - Adapter for Samsung Galaxy
# 123813 - Mfg # 6551-Sam-S6E
Instant image transfer, sharing of information on social networks... today this has become a habit for most of us. With no doubt the major argument for an optimized communication between the dentist and lab.
Smile Capture is a set of accessories that allows you to take professional and high quality pictures and videos with your smartphone (iPhone or Samsung) and the Smile Lite.
A choice of 10 adaptors (to be ordered separately) allowing to connect the Smile Lite and the smartphones completes this system, simple and easy, yet very performant.
Very important, an App (download for free on AppStore or PlayStore) was developed as a full part of Smile Capture.
Quantity: 1 per box