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Vntge Art Memelon Ivory

SHOFU - 116950

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Vintage art porcelain stains, with a micro-fine particle structure, exhibit easy application properties and extraordinary cover.
The coloration characteristics of natural teeth and accurate reproduction techniques have been analyzed by experienced dental technicians worldwide. Based on this accumulated knowledge, the vintage art color concept was developed. It offers unlimited possibilities for internal and external characteristics and color adjustments of porcelain restorations.
The aesthetic concept of vintage art stains includes the classic primary colors such as yellow or blue, as well as numerous premixed intermediate colors that you can choose from depending on the natural coloration or for necessary corrections of porcelain works. The value can be increased or decreased by adding a relative quantity of the value colors. Five different brown colors are available for creating prominent accents in the incisal or cervical areas. By the individual accentuation of the natural effects, the porcelain restorations match the adjacent natural teeth even more perfectly.
·          ART Highly fluorescent, ready to use porcelain stains for internal and external staining techniques
·          ART Excellent application and superb cover characteristics due to the ultra-fine particle structure
·          ART Specific application of prominent and fine color accents in the laboratory and in the dental practice
·          ART Colored foundation for all-ceramic frameworks or opaques with fluorescent foundation shade stains
·          ART Simple shade staining technique for pressed ceramics or CAD/CAM manufactured ceramic works in color groups A, B, C, D and R   ( red-shift )
·          ART Logically structured color concept:
·          ART Foundation shade stains, shade stains, Aesthetic color stains
·          ART Firing temperature range from 830°c ( internal staining ) to 920°c


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