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Vintage MP Enamel Opal 60 15gr

SHOFU - 668-9395

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SHOFU - Enamel Opal 60 Refill - 15gr
Vintage Mp Shofu
# 668-9395 - Mfg # 9395
A new generation of metal-bonded porcelain developed to reproduce natural life-like aesthetics with a simple two layered build-up technique. The ultra-fine microparticle structure of Vintage MP exhibits diffused reflection of light as observed in natural teeth and thus is able to simulate natural light transmission usually achieved only with all-ceramic restorations.
*   Developed to be compatible with all conventional high fusing PFM alloys with CTE ranging from 13.6 to 15.2 x 10-6 K-1 (25 ~ 500 °C)
*   Enhanced bond strength to alloy is achieved with the application of the Base Opaque while the unique Paste Opaque assures outstanding masking properties even with a thin layer of application.
*   Features a unique leucite reinforced crystalline structure with colour pigments that have a protective ‘glass coating´ that assures the colour brilliance and depth of light penetration even after multiple firings.
*   Ultra fine particle structure imparts superior handling characteristics, exceptional stability and a dense, homogeneous surface to the final restoration with a low firing shrinkage.
*   Unlike traditional high fusing porcelain, Vintage MP is kinder to the opposing natural teeth and offers true opalescence, natural fluorescence with excellent biocompatibility.
*   Highly aesthetic and biocompatible marginal areas are achieved with special cervical translucent compounds.
*   Available in: Sets and refills of Powder 15 gm / 50 gm / 200 gm; Paste Opaque 5gm; Liquid 50 ml / 500 ml

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