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Vintage Halo Effect Col OMBrow

SHOFU - 668-7374

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VINTAGE HALO - Effect Color OM-Brown - 15gr -# 7374
The high-fusing porcelain system had been developed over several years in cooperation with Makoto Yamamoto and features a natural scattering and reflection of light ( halo effect ).  
Comprehensive research of several thousands of natural teeth with computer-aided color analysis resulted in a new definition of the dental color spectrum and the expansion to 38 shades.

The 16 standard shades ( A, B, C, D ) have been expanded:

Root shades: chroma-intensive shades for the A-, B-, C - shade groups

Red Shift shades: reddish shades, the so called " 5th shade group "

Value Plus shades: shades with an enhanced brightness value
Compatibility with all usual ceramic alloys with CTE values of 13.5-14.6 x 10-6 ( 25°C-500°C
·          natural-looking fluorescence and opalescence
·          ability to use almost any ceramic alloy including those which contain up to 50% silver
·          economic layering technique by modified 2-layering-technique ( Body / Opal Incisal )
·          color indicators for all components
·          high build-up stability
·          low firing shrinkage
·          Exhibits a slightly lower firing temperature of 900°C and is compatible with a wide range of alloys with a high tolerance for alloys containing upto 50% silver.
·          Compatible with alloys that have a CTE range of 13.4 - 14.5 x 10-6 ( 25° - 500°C )
·          Vintage Halo porcelain enables limitless individual characterization with the application of Effect colour, Value Plus, Opal and Red Shift powders.
·          Available in: Sets and refills of Powder 15gm / 50gm / 200gm, Liquid in 50ml / 500ml
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