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Vintage AL Body C4B 15gr

SHOFU - 668-8205

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SHOFU - Vintage AL Body C4B 15g
Vintage AL Shofu
# 668-8205 - # Mfg 8205
Vintage AL porcelain is an all ceramic veneering porcelain system with an extensive range of translucent, opalescent and effect shades designed to fabricate metal-free crown and bridge restorations on a variety of aluminium oxide frameworks. It enhances light transmission of the integrated restoration that appears more vital and harmonizes with the patient´s oral environment.
* This non-abrasive alumina porcelain is easy to handle and exhibits greater resistance to cracking.
* Exhibits excellent colour reproduction to mimic natural teeth even with a simple two layered build-up.
* The Opaque Liner masks non-vital teeth to achieve an accurate base colour.
* The cervical translucent powders exhibit higher fluorescence and provide smooth biocompatible marginal areas to attain a more life-like restoration.

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