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Endo-Z Sf end FG 23m 10pk

SHARK - 115307

US$ 4.50

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Endo-Z Safe end Bur Endodontic Carbide Bur
# 102708  - Mfg # 102708 Feature  Endo-Z bur
After initial penetration, Endo-Z bur can be used to create a funnel shape for easier access in the pulp chamber.
The rounded, non-cutting , safe-ended tip of  Endo-Z bur  prevents penetration of the pulp chamber floor or the root canal walls. * Recommended speed 160'000 and 300'000 rpm
* Length 21mm, 23mm or 28mm 

The safe end tip of    Endo-Z bur  will prohibit the access from getting deeper but will allow for lateral expansion.   Endo-Z bur advantages : 
Adequate access is essential for successful endodontic treatments. Without adequate access, instruments and materials become difficult to handle properly in the complex root canal system. The end result of proper access cavity preparation should consist of the following: with    Endo-Z bur a chieve straight-line access to the apical foramen or to the initial curvature of the canal Locate all root canal openings Conservation of healthy tooth structure

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