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Cylinder Ptd Bur #20 for MCXL

SHARK - 116130

US$ 25.86

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6-7 DAYS

SHARK - CEREC   Compatible  MCXL Cylinder Pointed Step Bur Burs
# 116130 - Mfg # 6259589
The Cerec Inlab Sirona Milling Instruments Are The Machine Parts, Known As Burs, That Do The Actual Milling Of The Composite Blocks In Their Respective Unit.
Cad/Cam Milling Diamond - ( 8879-016-9   )
*   Bur Type: Cylinder Pointed Bur
*   In lab Compact Cad/Cam Milling Diamond For Mcxl
*   Full Compatible Sinter Diamond Burs For Cerec Inlab
*   Available For In lab ( Small ) And Mc-Xl ( Big Blue Machine )
*   Available For Ceramic And Zirconia
*   100% Warranted - If For Any Reason They Dont Fit On Your Machine
*   We Refund You 100% Of Your Money

Size: # 20

Package: 1 Per Pack

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