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Paddle and Lid for Bowl 700ml

RENFERT - 1820-0710

US$ 190.03

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RENFERT Paddle & Lid for Bowl 700ML
Silicone Mixing Bowls
# 1820-0710 - Mfg #18200710
Ingenious mixing paddle geometry
* The ingenious mixing paddle geometry ensures optimum mixing. Because the mixing paddle is as close as possible to the bowl, it takes up as much material as possible (A).
* The design of the mixing paddle ensures that the material is pushed to the bottom against the centrifugal force (B).
* The material is mixed most thoroughly at the bottom (C).
* This also creates pressure that along with the vacuum removes any air bubbles from the material.
Integrated overflow guard
* All bowls have marks to indicate the maximum filling capacity so that incorrect use is virtually eliminated.
* The bowls also have a collection area above the mixing paddle so that inadvertently overfilling them does not cause a problem.
* A dual valve prevents penetration of dust or mixing material into the vacuum pump. This valve is easily changed and cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and this is the only maintenance required. 
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