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Prime Core 10 gr Syr Natural

PRO-LINE - 003-086

US$ 18.00

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PROLINE Natural A2 Core build Up material
Dual Core Build Up
# 003-086 - Mfg # 003-086
* Natural   Syringe A2 Core Build up Material LC Light Cure   Syringe 10 grams ( EACH 1 )
* A highly filled composite specifically formulated for core build-ups. Available in blue or natural A2 shades.
* The distinctive blue color aids in distinguishing the core material from the tooth structure. A 6-7mm depth of cure can be obtained.
* The blue core is best suited under metal crowns and the natural shade for all other applications.
* Radiopaque for easy identification in radiographs and has high viscosity for easy build-up with no slumping.