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CaviWipes1 6x6.75in 12cnt

METREX - 402124

US$ 136.08

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METREX - CaviWipes1 - 160 Wipes x 12 canister
Towelettes Bactericidal Wipes
# 402124 - # 13-5100
The fast and effective CaviWipes1 is the next generation in surface disinfection.
CaviWipes1, a multi-purpose disinfectant/decontaminant wipe, can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces. CaviWipes1 contains durable, nonwoven, nonabrasive wipes presaturated with CaviCide1. When used as directed, fragrance-free CaviWipes1 will effectively clean and disinfect surfaces and can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

* 1-minute contact time for virucidal, bactericidal (including TB), fungicidal activity
* 1-step cleaner and disinfectant
* Available in multiple configurations for your office needs
* Fragrance-free
* Bleach-free
* Multi-purpose cleaner for everyday use

Quantity: CaviWipes1 (6 x 6.75), 160 count/can - 12/can/case