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Fixture&screw Remover Kit/kit

MCT - 120983

US$ 850.00

Ships in:
6-7 DAYS

MCT Fixture & screw Remover Kit / Kit Set

Fixtures & Screw Removers

# 120983 - Mfg # FSRK-01 Features:

Fixture Remover Kit:

* Excellent combination of Remover and Trephine Bur.

* Trephine bur that can remoe implant without bone loss.

* One remover applicable to all sizes of implants.

* Solid durability.

Screw Remover

* Pick certain guide for used abulment.

* Attach the guide and hold with guide holder. (SGR-H)

* Use screw remover drill to make hold in the core of broken screw in reverse

* Use tap drill to remove broken screw in reverse way.