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E-1/2 Cylind Bur Diam Ct Mini

KEYSTONE - 034-1202155

US$ 26.31

Ships in:
6-7 DAYS

KEYSTONE - CDiamond Cut   Carbide Burs
½ Shank Cutter Burs
# 034-1202155 - Mfg # 1202155
These Diamond Cut Keystone Carbide Burs are fine mini cut. Perfect for minimum reduction and use on acrylics, composites, porcelain or metal for that smooth finish.

Sold individually and available in various sizes:
*     D-1/2 Fine
*     E-1/2 Fine
*     D-3/8 Fine
*     E-3/8 Fine Mini
*     88T-4 Fine Mini
*     84T Fine Mini
*     61A Fine Mini
*     52C Fine Mini

Us Dental Depot Is An Authorized Keystone Dealer In Us.

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