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PL1 Implantation Ult Surgery

HOUSE BRAND - 106746

US$ 27.48

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PL1 Implantation

Scaler Tips

# 106746



For Woodpecker Ultrasurgery & Piezo surgery Mectron.

Used to enlarge implantation area, avoiding
hurting soft tissue.


*     Absolutely first source

*     All
scaler tips have been CE marked

*     More
durable and lasts longer

*     60
working procedures

*     Manual
polishing in finishing process

*     Comparable
quality with Big Brand for cheaper price,Best value in the world

*     High quality Stainless Steel

*     Satisfaction
guaranteed,Unconditional refund for quality problem


Material: Stainless
Steel Titanium Coated

method : 135°C, 0.22MPa

Type: Oral
Therapy Equipments & Accessories

Inspect: 11
steps of quality control

Made in China

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