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G4 Scaling Tip - for EMS - UDS

HOUSE BRAND - 102247

US$ 9.54

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WOODPECKER - G4 Scaling Tip
Scaler Tips      
# 102247
G4 Scaling Tip - For EMS and WOODPECKER scalers
Used to remove all supragingival and neck calculus.
* The scaling tip is made of special material.
* Durable-sterillization
* Long Life-Span
* It is friction-resistant.
* It resists break and rust.
* It has long life-span.
TO BE USED with woodpecker UDS Handpieces and EMS Handpieces.
Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel Alloy
Quality: High quality.
Type: Cleaning & Filling Teeth Equipments
Sterilization: 135°C, 0.22MPa, 4 minutes.
Made in China

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