GFM V-plast col 1kg ea.

GFM - 100189

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GFM - Flex - V - Plast Color 1kg
GFM Flexible Material
# 100189
General Flexible Material is a practical and affordable option in comparison with major flexible material brands in the world like Valplast, Flexite, Tcs, Partial Felx Or Deflex, Duraflex and others.ç
As most of the resin, GFM Partial Dentures formula it´s not a secret and its raw materials are practically the same.   The big difference lies in the shade´s pigmentation and this will change the pressing temperature and holding timing for each brand.
With GFM you will have same working temperatures and procedures than the competence. You can choose General Flexible Material without adding stress in your production line.
6 Unbreackable ( Cartridge )
Weight: 1kg

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