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Ecco-Cam 5 Wireless Mem + LCD

ECCO - 113495

US$ 336.00

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ECCO - Cam-5 Wireless Intraoral Camera
Intraoral Cameras
# 113495
Camera with TF (+ SD ADAPTER) card, Video output directly ON 2.5in Screen, or connect with computer through USB card reader.
You will not beable to stream video simultaneously with the wireless receiver ( sold separatedly ) . But you will be able to save the pictures in to the PC
Resolution: 2 megapixel
Accumulation point: 5 mm 50 mm
Angle: 70
Advantage of the unit:
* The machine has 2.5 Inches LCD already incorporated .
* TF memory card for memory 500 PCS picture.
* Reliable light souce with 6 White LED lights
* Easy to operate and convenient to carry, the images display on 2.5 inch LCD and there is no cable attached or maximum distance allowed from the screen.
Adjust the Brightness and contrast in the LCD directly.
5 Control button:
Freeze, Save, Previous picture, next picture and delete.
Different kinds of capture angle to display clear pictures, easy operation and automatically focus, camera can be used without docking station, pictures saved permanent.
High power capacity lithium battery, do not need to connect with other adapter.
The box includes:
* Main handpiece (Camera)
* 2.5 Inches LCD
* Wireless transmitter (and power source for ther camera)
* Ac Adapter
* TF memory card
* USB card reader (your conection to the PC)  
Wireless Receiver/ emiter and video converter with software   is available upon request -   (# 114067 )
Made in China.