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Zirconia Blck ST Digital D10

DIGITECH - 115095

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DIGITECH Cad/Cam Zirconia Discs  Dental Milling Discs Zirconia discs Digitech are designed to provide the best results in your restorations.  Made with the best zirconia powder providing excellent performance and milling precision.  Offered in all platforms 98.5mm 98mm 95mm 71mm and Cerec compatible.  ALL our DIGITECH ZIRCONIA MILLING DISCS  are manufactured with :
* First grade Zirconia powder * Shrinkage adjusted for 20% DIGITECH zirconia discs counts with the following types of material :  4D ST Multilayer ST Multilayer  ST Super translucent  TT  Anterior Translucency  HS High Strength 
Characteristics DIGITECH ZIRCONIA MILLING DISCS DIGITECH 4D Functional MULTILAYER  New Generation Multilayer discs .  Overall strength 1027 1300 mpa  DIGITECH 4D disc, is a 5 layers dental multilayer zirconium oxide  with gradient translucency, color and high translucency. 

layer 1    1027 mpa    46.6% translucency
layer 2     1105  mpa   45.6% translucency
layer 3     1205 mpa    44.3% translucency
layer 4     1300 mpa    43.0% translucency
layer 5     1300 mpa    43.0% translucency
Advantages of 4D Multilayer zirconia discs: Natural color gradient
Translucency gradient with special adjustment
16 Vita shades + 4 bleach shades
DIGITECH HS Mono white  The DIGITECH High Strength zirconia blanks used for monolithic or anatomically reduced anterior restorations and framework bridge combined with porcelain.  With high strength (more than 1400Mpa) and good translucent(39%) it offers to the labs with its high strength and good translucent.
DIGITECH ST Super Translucent ( mono and Multilayer )  DIGITECH Super translucent Multilayer disc is super high translucent zirconia with integrated shade and translucency of 5 layers gradient. Natural color and translucent gradient simulate tooth enamel, dentine and cervical shades. Simply operation for dental technician without staining. Advantage Super strength more than 1100Mpa and super translucent more than 43%
Available for 16 shades
Natural simulate teeth after sintering 
Fully anatomical crowns and multi-unite bridges
DIGITECH TT Anterior Translucency  DIGITECH Anterior Top translucent with ultra translucent previously only known in lithium disilicate. With 49% transmits and more than 600 PMA, It is best choice for anterior , posterior restoration, veneer, onlay, inlay and high esthetic restoration up to 3 unite bridge. Advantage
Ultra translucent zirconia for highly esthetic anterior and posterior regions Firing Chart  DIGITECH ZIRCONIA MILLING DISCS
* Starting temperature: Room Temperature
* Temperature Heating rate 4 Celcius per minute * Sinterization temperature HS and ST 1530 Celsius 2 hours AT  1450 Celcius 2 hours * Temperature Coling Rate 4 Celcius per minute * Total Cycle time: 16 hours .
Then open door, don't forget to decontaminate your sinter oven once a week, or at least once a month. This advice is for every sinter oven in the market, regardless of brand name, or origin. FDA CERTIFIED

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