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Zirconia Blck Digital D100x1

DIGITECH - 115089

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DIGITECH  - Zirconia Blocks With Plastic Ring
Zirconia Blocks
# 115089
Compatible with Digital Dental
* Our Discs are 100mm diameter and have a plastic ring to fit the DIGIITAL DENTAL MACHINES.

Designed for use in cad/cam milling machine such as Digital Dental machines, DENT-MILL
Product Information:
*   Blocks come in packages of 1 per box .
*   First grade Zirconia powder
*   Made under COLD ISOSTATIC PRESSING AND MACHINING which gives a more uniform Lifetime
*   Shrinkage adjusted for each block
Our Zirconia blocks, are Standard LL0.5 .
For darker shades ECCO liquid Coloring is available in the following: *LL1 *LL2 *LL3 *LL4 *LL5 as the darkest shade.
Coloring for Full contour is also available in 16 Vita shades: *A1 *A2 *A3 *A4 ... *D4
Special stains for cervical, gum, and occlusal are available in Pink, Grey and Ochre.
Physical Quality:
* Bending Strength: 1200 Mpa
* Vickers Hardness: 12.8 Gpa
Firing Instruction Firing time:
Firing Chart:
*   RT to 1450-1550 degrees Celsius at 4-5 Celsius per minute, according to the job size.  
*Some technicians prefer a lower temperature , others a higher one, which will give more translucency to the piece. Cool off at 5 Celsius per minute, until 200 Celsius, not before. Then open door.
Dont forget to decontaminate your sinter oven once a week, or at least once a month. This advice is for every sinter oven in the market, regardless of brand name, or origin.

Size: 100 mm x 18 mm

Package: 1 Round Blocks per box

Made In China

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