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ROLAND D50 - D51 Cad Bur 1mm

DIGITECH - 115572

US$ 21.50

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ATTRITOR - Roland D50-D51 Coated Milling Burs
CAD/CAM Burs  
# 115572
This carbide flat end mill is designed for use with the Roland DWX-50.
The extended reach allows you to mill material 10mm to 26mm in thickness, and is approved for milling zirconia, wax, and PMMA, and some nano-ceramic materials.
This endmill is used for a variety of applications like milling small abutments, frameworks, to models.
* Carbide Milling Bur
* Compatible with Roland DWX-52D, DWX-52DC, DWX-52DCi
* Compatible with Roland existing Carbide Tools
Size: 1 mm

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