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NANO 40mm ( B40 ) for Cerec ML C2

DIGILUX - 464388

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DIGILUX PMMA Milling discs MILLING  Discs & Blocks Features DIGILUX PMMA MILLING DISCS DIGILUX PMMA Discs are made of cross linked Polymethylmethacrylate with great natural light transmission. Indicated for individual restorations & bridges up to 4 elements
DGILUX is a multilayered PMMA dental disc material from Brazil. This ultra aesthetic temporary material combines 16  layers of colors into one disc, giving the restoration the most natural look possible. Top quality gradient in DIGILUX PMMA discs is very translucent (incisal) and gradually shades down to the most intense bottom  (cervical) with no flags effect. Designed for long-term provisional crowns and bridges of any span
DIGILUX scope of materials  PMMA  Mono & Multilayer 
NANO  Nano silica Multilayer 
SUPER CRYSTAL  Hybrid Ceranic  Multilayer 
DIGILUX PMMA is AVAILABLE  Monolayer and Multilayer with 16 Layers
Multilayer   TOOTH COLOR  16 vita shades  Available in 98mm 93mm ( Aman ), 95mm ( ZZ ) and Cerec compatible C14 and B40
Various thicknesses between 12 to 30mm Multi layer , Mono layer, Clear, Pattern red & Pink for dentures4 Technical Parameters DIGILUX PMMA DISCS
Flexural Strength:  100Mpa / 120 mpa DIGI-NANO  and 165 mpa SUPER-CRYSTAL 
Fast milling
Dry or Wet milling  6000 9000 rpms recommended
Features DIGI-NANO milling discs
DIGILUX  NANO ORMOCER PMMA Disks ( Organic Modified Ceramic)  are made of a unique combination of Polymethylmethacrylate ensuring flexural strength, abrasion resistance and exceptional natural light transmission, resulting in high durability for long term provisionals in full mouth restorations
Chemical Compositions DIGI-NANO milling discs
Inorganic filler:  N ano Silica 7 microns 2-3%
Radiopacity  DIGI-NANO milling discs
With the addition of barium, becomes visible in X-rays in post treatment controls
SUPER CRYSTAL   HYBRID CERAMIC Discs & Blocks MULTILAYER Discs & Blocks Features SUPER-CRYSTAL Hybrid milling discs 
DIGILUX  SUPER-CRYSTAL Hybrid Ceramic Discs are made of a perfect combination of Ceramic in the size of nano particles & the molecule Bis-Gma (bisphenol A-glycidyl methacrylate) resulting in a chemical bonding increasing the resistance to abrasion and flexural strength.
These physical properties SUPER-CRYSTAL Hybrid Ceramic Discs also reduce some of the down sides of zirconia restorations like clacking, weight, sinterization, specialized equipment & overall costs. SUPER-CRYSTAL Hybrid Ceramic Discs are excellent choice for permanent restorations and long term provisionals in full mouth rehabilitations
Chemical Compositions SUPER-CRYSTAL Hybrid Ceramic Discs
Inorganic filler:  Nano Silica 30-55%
Radiopacity SUPER-CRYSTAL Hybrid Ceramic Discs
With the addition of barium, becomes visible in X-rays in post treatment controls

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