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Super-100 Cr Co Mo Ingot 10oz


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DENTALALLOY - Super-100 Chrome Cobalt Molibdeno Ingot 10Oz
Chrome Cobalt Welding Rods
# 103911
Super 100 is a Cobalt-Chromium based alloy acceptable for use in fabrication of dental prosthetics and reconstruction.
Works well sith Ceramco2, Pearson Porcelain, C-Mix (Compares to Rexillium)
Other Metal:
*   Co(61.0)
*   Cr(27.0)
*   Mo(6.0)
*   W(5.0)
*   Mn
*   Si
*   Fe
*   C(<1.0)
PreSolder: Co/Cr Pre
PostSolder: LO, R
Oxidation Procedure: 650-980°C, hold 0 min, (Vacuum); Remove oxide
Phyiscal Properties:
*   Melting Range C: 1350-1385
*   Casting Temp C: 1485
*   Density g/cc: 8.6
*   Expansion at 500C: 14.1
*   Expansion at 600C: 14.5
*   Burnout Temp C: 870
Common Use:
For Ceramic restorations

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