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Ceratec LF Add On Dent Dk 30gr

CERATEC - 100288

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CERATEC - LF Add on Dentine Dark - 30 grs
Ceratec High Fusion
# 100288
* High Fusion Porcelain with fine grain powder
* Is easy to use for the beginner and expert ceramist with all of the properties and porcelains necessary for the best art work
* Designed to easily replicate the beauty and vitality of natural teeth
* The extremely stable CTE provides compatibility with a broad range of alloys (14.0 - 14.8 at 500C)
* Allows multiple firings while maintaining form and shade integrity
* Achieve accurate shades right out of the bottle with only the basic powders
* Maintain shade even at varied thicknesses becomes simple
* Compatible with CERAMCO-3 Noritake, C-mix
* Can be mixed and fired together
* Recommended alloy Cerakast, also compatible with other common alloys on the market

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