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Ceratec Incisal I5 LF Pwd 30g

CERATEC - 100117

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CERATEC - LF Incisal I5 Dark - 30grs
Ceratec Low Fusion
# 100117
Enamel or Incisal
Enamel are slightly less translucent than Incisals ( more opaceous ).
So, for that technicians that are used to build the porcelain covering their dentine powder, with a complete layer of Incisals powder, then the one to be used by them should be INCISALS.
In the other hand , the technician is used to place Enamel powder just on the first third of the crown. Then the proper powder to be used should be ENAMELS.
In the case, you are using ENAMELS, and you see your fired porcelain, appearing a little bit lacking of color or slightly turned to grey, is not because of the color of the porcleain.
It is just the Enamel layer, that went too high over the second and third thrird of the preparation/ crown / dentine powder. Buttom line, more translucent is the Incisal powder , more opaceous is the Enamel powder .
For people that uses less Enamel, then the powder is Enamel.
For people that covers the crown with Incisal, then the powder is Incisal.
Quantity : 1 per pack

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