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Stipd Cstg Wx Fn 0.5mm 15pk

BEGO - 113931

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US$ 28.03

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BEGO - Stippled Casting Wax Fine 0.5mm
Stippled Wax Sheets
# 113931 - Mfg # 40230
* Tried and tested wax for modelling the bases of upper partial dentures
* Can be easily adapted and adheres firmly to the investment model with no additional wax adhesive
* The stippled casting wax is available in three different surface textures - from fine to coarse - and allows customisation of the surface shape as required by the practitioner
* The individual stippling of the cast partial denture base facilitates the gripping of food and reduces the foreign body sensation for the patient´s tongue
Package: 15 sheets per pack
Authorized BEGO dealer in US.

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