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ATTR IDura Wheel - Medium-Blue

ATTRITOR - 100722

US$ 23.06

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ATTRITOR - Dura Wheel
Zirconia & Emax Polishers
# 100722 - Mfg # J#CX4100

Silicone Diamond Wheel
Excellent for Emax porcelain & Zirconia polishing and margin adjustments.
The Zirconia Diamond Impregnated Synthetic Rubber Wheels are 22mm x 3mm.

These Mono tone color SILICONE WHEELS  ( Square edge ) have a high content of refined diamond particle, which is bonded together with odorless Japanese Rubber material.

*   Medium
*   For slow Shaping
*   Scratch removal
*   Leaves satin finish on all porcelains and final stage gloss finish on cercon
*   Alumina and Zirconia copins *   Zirconia polishers can replace EDENTA JOTA

Color: Blue

Size: 22 mm x 3 mm

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