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Gracey 17-18 rigid (3/8) blue


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AMERICAN EAGLE - Gracey 17-18 Rigid
Gracey Curettes
# 119040 - Mfg # AEG17-18RX
Gracey Curettes are designed to adapt to specific anatomical areas of the teeth for subgingival scaling and root planing.
The blade angle allows easier insertion into the sulcus while minimizing soft tissue trauma.
Available with stainless steel or color resin handles.
Anterior/ Slight contra-angle for incisors and canines.
* Color: Blue
* Handle Taper: Straight
* Handle Shape: Round
* Number of Ends: Double
* Handle Material: Resin
* Handle Type: EagleLite
* Tip Type: Gracey
* Autoclave Compatible
* Blade Type: Standard
* Shank Type: Standard
Size: 3/8'' - 9.5 mm

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