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Zirconia Reader T2


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AMANN GIRRBACH- Zirconia Reader - T2
# 760821 - Mfg # 760821
High Precision, long life sensing and milling tools for cost effective machining of ceramill blanks.
Material removal and dust removal are optimally controlled due to the tool geometry tailored to the material.
Used for Implants & Abutments in Ceramill Multi-x and compatible with Zircon Zhan Manual milling units - Standard Tools (face radius) for the machine of areas for which the diameter of the T/F3 tools is too large and too the diameter of T/F1.2 tools is too small.
(Original Product- Made in Germany)

Available Sizes:
* 1.2mm
* 2mm
* 3mm and additional special patterns. Sold by unit or as a set.

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