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Plstal-Grn 2-4oz 8oz kit

ADS - 118295

US$ 38.29

US$ 39.07

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ADS - Plastical Release Agent Kit
Plastic Die Materials
#118295 - Mfg #PL-80
* A low viscosity liquid plastic that cures from liquid to an extremely hard plastic model in three minutes
* Excellent for small pours
* Can be demolded and worked on in 15 minutes
* No detectable shrinkage, smell or gumming of burs
* No messy syringes needed
* Just mix a ratio of 1:1 and pour
* Sold in 16 Oz kits to fill over 25 full arch impressions
* Terrific for implant cases
* 3x stronger than stone
Quantity: 1 kit that includes
* 8 Oz liquid plastic
* 2-4 Oz Plastical Release Agent

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